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The holistic view on muscle knots, why does it happen and what you can do to relieve it?

Muscle knots are hard areas of muscle that tighten even when the muscle is at rest. They are very sensitive to touch and they can cause pain in other parts of the body, which can sometimes make it hard to treat in a traditional way, as you need to identify the root cause.

Muscle knots are also known as trigger points. They are usually caused by a lifestyle lacking of movement. As we know that everything is connected, mind and body, if we look at muscle knots from a holistic point of view, a whole new dimension sheds light on this phenomena.

The holistic point of view looks at what's behind the initial tensing of that muscle. I see them often in people who carry guilt around with them and have trouble letting things go.

I had a patient not that long ago, who had muscle pain in the middle of her back. The muscle was completely swollen and extremely sensitive to touch. I applied energy healing to the area and within minutes the muscle started to let go. At the same time, my patient got very emotional, she could not stop crying, she said: "It just has to come out".

Another clear sign that this physical tension had formed as a reaction to the constant tension in the patient's life. She struggled tremendously to let things go and carried everything with her, on her back. Literally.

The healing session took the tension away but a lifetime of holding on to grief doesn't just resolve in thin air after one sessions, so as part of the treatment, I coached her to let go of negativity and find self love. I gave her a few coaching techniques to do at home and next time, we'll review them together.

The techniques I used were a mix of personalized daily gratitude to enforce a positive outlook on life and personalized positive affirmations to retrain her brain to let go of negativity and find patterns of self love.

If you are interested in a generic template, which will allow you to create your own positive affirmations, please email me on with the subject: positive affirmations template and I will send you this straight away.

Love and light,

Brigitte x

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