• Brigitte Maenhout

5 easy techniques you can do at home to practice mindfulness

1. Eat

Enjoy your favorite meal with your eyes closed. Notice the smell, notice what it feels like when the first bite touches your lips. What do you taste on the tip of your tongue? Is it different at the back? How warm is it? What's the texture like? How would you describe it to someone who's never tasted this before?

2. Drink

Grab a glass of healthy, energized water and take your time to feel the water move around in your mouth, notice the temperature, the smoothness and notice how it feels when you swallow it. How does it make your whole body feel?

3. See

Walk in nature and notice all the different details, insects, animals, birds. Notice how they move, how they interact. Look at the trees and the subtle changes in colour. Notice how the colours change when the light changes, how different is it in the morning, an hour later, in the afternoon...

4. Hear

Put your favorite song on and really listen to it. Can you hear the different arrangements, the different tones, instruments and how it all hangs together? What about your body's reaction to what you hear? How do your emotions change? Does it trigger memories? Do the hairs on your arms stand up?

5. Feel

This is a great one for sharing your mindfulness with someone... Give your partner a massage and notice how his or her body feels. How warm is it? How does the oil feel to you? How does it feel to them? Can you feel the different dimensions in the muscles? Can you feel the muscles changes after you touched them? Notice every detail and take your time, it will be an intense experience for you and your partner.

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